Dear Parents,

This year, we are using a new yearbook company, Irvin Simon for our yearbook.   The website is  The best moments of a school year are often captured by parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents.  Please share these moments of your lovely children and their friends on our yearbook website.   

From the desktop site....Here is how.

1. Go to your web browser and put in COMMPE.PICTAVO.COM
2. On the upper right hand corner of the gray tool bar, click on "create an account" (next to "log in").  The website would guide you through this.
3.  The Picatvo website will then send you an email.  In this email, there's a link that you need to click on to activate your account.  
4.  Once you account is setup, you can go back to COMMPE.PICTAVO.COM and look for our school.  You can put in our school # 80039 
5.  Once you find our school, the upper left-hand corner should display "Paumanok Elementary School".  Click on the picture with "Upload photos" in the middle of the page
6.  It will take you to log-on page.  Put in your email as your user name and the password that you have chosen.
7.  You're finally on the upload page.  Click on the blue "upload photos"  button and choose the picture you want to share.  Please don't forget to put in a brief description, such as your child's name, friends name, grade and also the event

From your cellphone (smartphone), follow the below steps.   ** IMPORTANT: the pictavo coummnity app is from an older software version.  Pictavo tech supoort suggests to use their mobile website to upload photos from your phone**

1.  Open up your web browser (such as google chrome) put in COMMPE.PICTAVO.COM
2.  Follow instruction to set up account then upload your favorie picture. (See above for detail)

Yearbook Communittee